Social entrepreneurs hustle harder and can make a difference in their community. One person, one building, one neighborhood at a time.

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Create. Innovate. Build Your Future.

We’re excited to help you build your business. We have around 20,000 sq ft. across three locations for co-working and manufacturing space.

What’s the difference between a Ponyride Member and a Ponyride Resident?

Ponyride Member:

Ponyride Membership helps harmonize work and life. Membership includes access to co-working spaces, Ponyride and BGCSM events, the content & production studio, gym and innovation lab. Our high-performance space is designed for happiness and productivity serving our neighbors in Detroit and nearby. Membership also includes one youth Club membership.

Rates: $40 per month


Ponyride Resident:

Ponyride’s commitment to inclusion and diversity drives the resident selection process so that equal access is given to entrepreneurs and innovators. As a resident, access includes those of a Ponyride Members as well as below-market rental and manufacturing spaces, monthly resident-only events, curriculum based-entrepreneurship classes, retail opportunities through sponsored markets, popups and larger events. Residency also includes two BGCSM youth Club memberships.

Rates: Varies

Conference Rooms

No charge for members to secure for meetings

If someone wants to schedule larger meeting, retreat, etc. a donation would be required


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