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What’s the difference between a Ponyride Member and a Ponyride Resident?

Ponyride Member:

Ponyride Membership helps harmonize work and life. Membership includes access to co-working spaces, Ponyride and BGCSM events, the content & production studio, gym and innovation lab. Our high-performance space is designed for happiness and productivity serving our neighbors in Detroit and nearby. Membership also includes one youth Club membership.

Rates: $40 per month


Ponyride Resident:

Ponyride’s commitment to inclusion and diversity drives the resident selection process so that equal access is given to entrepreneurs and innovators. As a resident, access includes those of a Ponyride Members as well as below-market rental spaces, monthly resident-only events, curriculum based-entrepreneurship classes, retail opportunities through sponsored markets, popups and larger events. Residency also includes two BGCSM youth Club memberships.

Conference Rooms

No charge for members to secure for meetings

If someone wants to schedule larger meeting, retreat, etc. a donation would be required


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