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[VIDEO] How the Power of Community Voice Helped Us To #ReimagineBGCSM

July 29, 2019

Eight months ago, we set forth on a mission to reimagine our Clubs as state of the art spaces to empower our youth with world-class experiences to become change agents for their life, Club, and communities. Today that vision is taking form! As the pilot site for the #ReimagineBGCSM campaign, the Dauch Club will feature […]

The Todd Everett Experience: Teaching BGCSM Youth The 1’s and 2’s of DJing

July 25, 2019

Todd Everett began DJing at 15 years old. While he has always loved to write and rap, stage fright took him from the spotlight to the turntables. “I think I always liked doing music, but it evolved into DJing because I didn’t want to perform to crowds.  I kind of stumbled into DJing by mistake,” […]

Chris Kyles Continues His Family Legacy of Service And Passion As Area Director, BGCSM

July 18, 2019

Detroit’s Murray-Wright High School has had a reputation for pushing against a current of violence, underemployment and broken families to educate the east side’s youth. Closer inspection of the school’s past will tell stories of activism and advocacy – but violent chapters in the 1980s usually overshadow that history. By the ’90s, Detroit had elected […]

Ice Cube’s Young3 Comes to BGCSM

July 12, 2019

Summers are all about fun.  It’s even better when that fun includes former NBA and WNBA stars. That was just the case last month when Ice Cube brought the league to our youth for a one-of-a-kind hooping event! Ice Cube’s BIG3 kicked off the season in Detroit at Little Caesars Arena on June 22 , […]

BGCSM Attracts Top National Talent with Recruitment of New COO

June 18, 2019

The stories of most talented business leaders usually follow a similar track: Young protege does well in grade school, attends top college, and hits the workforce with a running start up the corporate ladder. While our new COO, Gavin McGuire, checks two of these three boxes, unlike most of his peers, he chose to forgo […]

Tony RoKo Coaches Club Members For Art Exhibit At The Detroit Foundation Hotel

June 17, 2019

On Monday, June 3rd, two of our Club members had the incredible opportunity to learn the art of painting from acclaimed Detroit artist, Tony RoKo. Set at the luxurious Detroit Foundation Hotel, RoKo and a group of his artist friends provided hands-on guidance, walking easel to easel coaching students on technique and application. What emerged […]

Club Members and Detroit Locals Star in Upcoming Movie Filmed at Our Club

June 11, 2019

A movie began filming at our Lloyd H. Diehl Club in May, and with over 60 percent of the film shot in and around the Club, our local community is the star of the show! The short film titled “Coachable,” centers on a basketball coach, his teammates, and their community. Lead by award-winning writer and […]

Detroit Auto Execs Raise Over Half A Million Dollars at 39th Annual Automotive Golf Classic

May 23, 2019

Men and women who normally compete against each other in corporate America came together on Monday for a single cause. Automotive manufacturers and suppliers convened for the 39th annual Automotive Golf Classic on Monday, May 21.  Check out the highlights: The event is the premier golf outing in Michigan, according to Phil Nussel, executive chairman […]

9 Reasons Why Co-Working Spaces Are the New Wave

April 25, 2019

Co-working is making the move from passing trend to business norm.  With the rise of gig economy and the aid of technology, professionals no longer need to tether themselves to an office for eight hours a day to be productive.  With the upcoming launch of our Ponyride-branded co-working, incubator space, Boys & Girls Clubs of […]

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