[VIDEO] How the Power of Community Voice Helped Us To #ReimagineBGCSM

Eight months ago, we set forth on a mission to reimagine our Clubs as state of the art spaces to empower our youth with world-class experiences to become change agents for their life, Club, and communities.

Today that vision is taking form!


As the pilot site for the #ReimagineBGCSM campaign, the Dauch Club will feature Ponyride-branded co-working space, a music and video production studio funded by rapper Big Sean’s foundation, a gaming area, community laundromat, and more!

Transformation of this magnitude doesn’t happen without vision, lots of hard work, and seamless collaboration between staff, partners, parents, and Club members.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane to revisit the process that lead us to this point.

Phase 1: Setting the Vision


One week into his tenure as President and CEO of Boys & Girls Clubs of Southeastern Michigan, Shawn H. Wilson spent his days visiting Clubs, facilitating visioning sessions, getting to know his team, and connecting the dots between the board, key stakeholders, and most importantly our Club members! Their insights uncovered the amazing potential of this organization as we worked together to create a new vision for our organization.

Phase 2: Developing a Startup Mindset


Creating a vision is one thing, implementation is another. So, how do you build on the timeless principles of this 93-year-old organization while incorporating new and innovative ideas to meet the needs of today’s youth? It’s all about adapting a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Phase 3: Benchmarking for Success


The next few weeks were all about providing our staff with the tools and benchmarks, they needed to move from ideation to action with speed and agility.

Phase 4: Listening to Community Voice


“Part of our mission is to create a world-class experience for our youth, so we started talking with the community about what that would look like.”
-Shawn H. Wilson, Crain’s Detroit

The next phase was all about listening as we opened our doors for community visioning sessions and invited our neighbors, parents, and youth to lead the conversation. What we heard during those visioning sessions helped us to gain a clearer understanding of how to maximize our effectiveness to address the needs of the neighborhoods we serve.

Next Phase: Grand Unveiling!

Join us on Saturday, August 17, 2019, for the GRAND UNVEILING of our reimagined Dauch Club.

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