June 11, 2019

Club Members and Detroit Locals Star in Upcoming Movie Filmed at Our Club

In May, a movie about a group of inner-city kids began filming at our Lloyd H. Diehl Club. With over 60 percent of the film shot in and around our campus, Club members and their Detroit neighbors are the star of the show.

Photo: Matt Cantu

The short film titled “Coachable,” centers on a basketball coach, his teammates, and their community.

Lead by award-winning writer and director, James McAffee and producer Matt Cantu, the movie shows how one community is transformed by the tenants of faith, integrity, sacrifice, leadership, and legacy (FISLL). These tenants are lifted directly from the FISLL 306 program founded by former New York Knicks basketball player, Allan Houston.

Photo: NBA Sports.com

The Assistant General Manager for the New York Knicks and President of Allan Houston Enterprises founded the program to help change the lives of thousands of youth across the country, and “Coachable” is one of many means by which he hopes to spread this message.

Photo: Matt Cantu

Although most of the primary characters are composed of actors, it was important to have the story set in Detroit with actual Club members according to Randy Henry, local news producer and director of WDIV-TV Local 4.

Randy, who serves as an actor and a consultant for the film, says it was necessary for the project and the community as a whole to have it set in Detroit with actual residents – no Hollywood stars required.

Photo: Twitter/@ConradROHS

“One of the things that’s cool about being a writer and director is that I get to tell a story the way I want to tell a story,” says Randy. “And so I told [the people who discussed with me about this project] that we have to shoot it in Detroit.”

“That’s what brought me to Boys & Girls Clubs of Southeastern Michigan,”
Randy said. “I needed a gym and I needed kids [for the shoot]. I figured, let me give the BGSCM a shot.”

Photo: Matt Cantu

Once the “Coachable” film project is complete, the team will return to the Diehl Club to screen the project. The upcoming date for the film screening will be released on a future date.

Randy McAfee is an award-winning director and writer whose films are meant to impact viewers and share insightful and deeply rooted messages at its core. His previous works include, 2ND LiFE, THE COMMUTE Goodwill, and “HOT CHOCOLATE” Goodwill.

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