April 12, 2019

BGCSM Friendship Club Reimagine Showcase a Huge Success

Nearly 175 people were in attendance at Friday’s Friendship Club Reimagine Showcase. Club kids, their parents, community members, business leaders and partners all came to support the multi-year effort to reimagine our Clubs.

Dauch campus Club members welcomed guests as they entered the center. Lively music from The Todd Everett Experience welcomed everyone, and the aromas of National Coney Island’s famous Coney dogs wafted through the air.

No Detroit celebration is complete without a bean bag toss, life size model of Connect Four games, and Better Maid potato chips, so everyone was in great spirits to hear about the new direction the BGCSM is moving in. Dr. Nitro’s mad science ice cream bar definitely helped, too.

Photo: Urban Content Studios/Darren Clark

If you missed it, don’t worry. You can still post or repost what you’d like to see in our world-class spaces. Don’t forget the tag us with #ReimagineBGCSM.

Here’s some notable information you may have missed:

  • The Boys and Girls Clubs began over 93 years ago
  • 92% of youth involved in the Boys and Girls Clubs will graduate high school
  • 97% of those high school graduates will go on to some form of higher education
  • Notes from over a dozen reimagining sessions – 1000+ ideas came from these sessions!
  • The Sean Anderson Foundation will be building a music studio at the Dauch campus
  • Adult memberships are available now too!

Notable Quotables:

“We are building on the (93-year) legacy but we’re also charting a new, bold path toward the future.” – Shawn H. Wilson, BGCSM CEO

Photo: Urban Content Studios/Darren Clark

“For us as a city, supporting this (the #Reimagine campaign) was a no-brainer.” – Alexis Wiley, City of Detroit Chief of Staff

Photo: Urban Content Studios/Darren Clark

“Our youth deserve all the things. They deserve every resource we can give them.” – Phil Cooley, Ponyride

Photo: Urban Content Studios/Darren Clark

“This is not just about a place for kids. This is about treating the whole family.” – Hiram Jackson, Board President, BCGSM

Photo: Urban Content Studios/Darren Clark

Overall, the Friendship Club Showcase was a resounding success as BGCSM announced nearly $450k in pledges and donations from early adopters at the event.

Graphic: Urban Content Studios/Devon Williams

With these contributions, Dauch Club renovations will soon be under way
to the Dick & Sandy Dauch Club on Detroit’s west side.

You can donate or reserve your adult or youth membership today. We would love to see you!