June 3, 2019

My Volunteer Story: How Club Members Taught Me How to Teach Them

Thursdays have become my favorite and hands-down, most rewarding day of the week!

As a Creative Content Director for Urban Content Studios, every Thursday I get to volunteer as a Content Club instructor at Boys & Girls Clubs of Southeastern Michigan (BGCSM) where I get to teach, laugh, learn and empower ten amazing, bright, intelligent students who have incredibly beautiful futures ahead of them.

Photo: Urban Content Studios/David Martin

Urban Content Studios (UCS) is a collective of media experts creating and managing multi-media content for various corporate and urban organizations in the city of Detroit and Atlanta.

Over the past several months, UCS has been working together with BGCSM to create impactful storytelling through editorial, social media, video, and website.

The Content Club began as an opportunity to teach Club members what our UCS team of writers, photographers, social media experts, and videographers do for the organization.

Club members are instructed by a rotating group of UCS media specialists who not only teach the kids the tangible skills of the trade, but also help them to understand the importance of digital safety and responsible online brand management.

Photo: Urban Content Studios/Martez Brooks

Piloted at the Dauch Campus on March 7, 2019, the goal of Content Club was to create a junior team of UCS content creators to produce their own multi-media content across all of the Clubs.

As we got to know each Club member individually and began exploring their separate interests, they quickly revealed their own unique gifts, and we responded by tailoring the course to nurture their raw talent.

Photo: Urban Content Studios/Devon Williams

“The kids are so creative and so skilled. They teach us how to teach them,” said UCS Executive Director, Ebony Flake.

“That’s the great thing about BGCSM, instead of applying a rigid, one-size-fits-all approach to their programming, we’re allowed the flexibility to tailor our content to engage the kids. This gives them the freedom to have fun and play as they learn tangible skills and gain exposure to career pathways in media,” Ebony said.

What we’ve found time and again is that our volunteer instructors get as much out of teaching the class as the kids do from attending.

Photo: Urban Content Studios/David Martin

“As a Content Club instructor, it is great to see the energy and excitement the kids have when they take a picture they really like. They can’t wait to show off their photos on the big screen,” said UCS Photographer & Videographer, David Martin.

“Seeing the magic of photography through their eyes is energizing. It helps me to approach the craft from a fresh, child-like perspective.”

Photo: Content Club

That’s the beauty of volunteering as an instructor with BGCSM. In our class, we have artists, photographers, dancers, speakers, writers and videographers but most of all, we have young leaders, hungry to find and create own their lane.

It’s exciting to watch the kids discover new things and develop new interests, and it’s an honor to be a part of this time of discovery in their young lives.

Want to give a kid access to BGCSM programming? Click here to donate and sponsor a membership today!

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