April 30, 2019

United Way for Southeastern Michigan Invests $150k to #Reimagine BGCSM Career Pathways Programming

United Way for Southeastern Michigan has a long history of impacting the communities in which they serve.  As an organization, they evaluate problem areas within the community and then work to solve those problems.

But no single organization or individual can do it on their own, which is why United Way has mastered the art of creating successful partnerships with other community organizations to effect the change they want to see in the world.

Photo: www.uwnns.org

In April, the Chief Impact Officer of United Way for Southeastern Michigan,
Tonya Adair,
announced an organizational partnership with BGCSM as well as an investment of $150k toward supporting our Career Pathways programming to reinforce and enhance the skills and knowledge young people learn at school. We are both humbled and excited to accept!

Adair says that BGCSM President & CEO Shawn H. Wilson’s approach to Reimagine our Clubs had a major impact on her organization’s desire to partner with us.

Photo: Urban Content Studios/Darren Clark

“The fact the he (Wilson) went out and talked to young people about what they wanted…that to me is something that we don’t always do,” says Adair.

“We often – as adults – tell kids what we’re going to do for them, and what they need, but we don’t listen to what they want,” Adair says.

BGCSM considers every child in the decisions we make.  And by consider, we mean that we ask them what they want to see change in their clubs and in their communities.

Photo: Urban Content Studios

Together, we aim to make meaningful changes in the lives of children and their families ensuring that all Club members graduate from high school on time, prepared for a post-secondary education and/or a 21st-century career.

United Way focuses their impact on three key focus areas: education, economic prosperity and health. Our partnership with United Way for Southeastern Michigan is a natural fit and one we are proud to foster and grow.

Photo: United Way for Southeastern Michigan

United Way began its journey to improve communities across the country in 1887, nearly 30 years after Boys and Girls Clubs’ founding.

With such rich combined histories, we’re sure the two organizations’ wealth of experience will help us continue to enrich the lives of Southeastern Michigan’s youth

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