Chris Kyles Continues His Family Legacy of Service And Passion As Area Director, BGCSM
July 18, 2019

Detroit’s Murray-Wright High School has had a reputation for pushing against […]

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BGCSM Attracts Top National Talent with Recruitment of New COO
Our People
June 18, 2019

The stories of most talented business leaders usually follow a similar […]

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Club Members and Detroit Locals Star in Upcoming Movie Filmed at Our Club
Our Youth
June 11, 2019

A movie began filming at our Lloyd H. Diehl Club in […]

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Board Chair, Hiram E. Jackson Reflects on His Days as a Club Kid and Shares His Moonshot for the Future of BGCSM
Our Partners
May 14, 2019

Unlike most other major cities which have weathered the upswings, downfalls, […]

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Jennifer Wakenell Perfects The Art of Awareness With Turner Town Project
Our People
April 8, 2019

Art is a powerful catalyst for creating awareness and Jennifer Wakenell […]

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