July 30, 2019

Summers So Lit: Beating the Heat with BGCSM

This post was written by Diehl Club member, LaNaya. Edited by Ellen Chamberlain.

My TeeTee says that there’s nothing like summer in Detroit. Every year I see that she’s right – and she didn’t even go to Boys and Girls of Southeastern Michigan!

Check out some of the cool stuff we’ve been doing since we escaped school.

1. Tony RoKo Arts

Photo: Urban Content Studios/Darren Clark

Mr. RoKo is a famous artist from Detroit. We went to the Detroit Foundation Hotel and learned how professional painting techniques! Some of our paintings stayed on display so make sure you drop in and see what we’ve done!

2. Young3 Basketball Clinic

Photo: Urban Content Studios/Martez Brooks

You probably know Ice Cube from movies like Barber Shop and Friday, but some of our parents say he used to be a rapper back in the day.

Since those days he started his own basketball league and sent real professional athletes to the Diehl campus which is my Boys and Girls Club. Yes, right here – on Collingwood Street – in our hood. They came here. It just makes me feel seen.

The Young3 team helped us work on our skills – because everyone already knows we have some of the best players in the city.

“I used to play basketball ever since I was 4. My friends come here with me and we wanted to see Ice Cube.”

– James, 11

3. Aviation Career Education Academy

Photo: BGCSM

Moms (and sometimes Dads, too) love to tell us that some people will never get on a plane and leave Detroit.

This summer, we actually flew real planes! There’s probably a lot more to say about that, but did you fly your first plane before you could operate a scooter solo?

4. Spin Scooters

Speaking of scooters, Spin donated scooters to us to help us with mobility. We actually wear helmets, unlike most of the crazy adults you’ll see trying to look cool downtown.

Photo: Urban Content Studios/Darren Clark

5. Jalen Rose

Do you know who Jalen Rose is? Because we do. He was on this podcast called Kneading the Dough this summer. It’s a show where big-time athletes talk about how they got super rich without losing it all (hopefully). When we make it big, we know we’ll already have lots of examples of doing it the right way.

“ESPN, SportsCenter, House of Highlights…I think it’s pretty amazing. You don’t really get an opportunity to talk to big people like Jalen Rose but we do.”

– Davon, 14

“I got all As and Bs and I play lots of sports. I don’t know Jalen Rose but I love going on trips with Boys and Girls Clubs.”

– Ja’Carri, 10


Photo: Urban Content Studios/Martez Brooks

You can’t have a lit summer without…lights! BGCSM took us to the Detroit fireworks – but only if we had good grades during this past school year. Of course most of us do. When you know you’ll have the chance to do cool stuff like stay out LATE downtown, there’s motivation to actually read all of your assignments. Not just watch the highlights on YouTube. It’s definitely worth being nice to little brothers and sisters.

“There are more bouncing housing and games this year. The bouncing house with the VELCROwas my favorite. Staying up late is fun because I’m never sleepy!”

– Dylan, 6

Summer is over in a few weeks. Can you believe the fall can be even better? Ask your parents to help you get a Youth Membership today!

Adults, if you know a cool kid who deserves great experiences – consider donating!

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